The Pentecostals of Greater Hartford

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Our Vision

Our Vision
  • A center for unceasing prayer.
  • A multi campus bilingual church of thousands in greater Hartford.
  • Every week to see individuals experience healing, deliverance, and salvation.
  • To be the kind of church that cultivates Christians who have a peace that passes understanding, a joy that is unspeakable, and a grace that inspires.
  • To boldly declare, as Jesus did, the gospel to the poor, healing for the brokenhearted, deliverance to the captives, sight for the blind, liberty to the bruised.
  • Through a family life center offer classes for seniors, adults, youth, and children that help each see their full potential (spiritually, intellectually, physically, and emotionally) realized.
  • A place where excellent education begins at pre-school and continues through higher education, serving our community and the apostolic movement.
  • A network of over 100 churches, centered in greater hartford led by ministries birthed at the pentecostals reaching around the world.

Our Ministry Team

  • Pastor Jon W. Petoskey

    Pastor Jon W. Petoskey

    A devoted husband and father, our Pastor demonstrates the heart of a servant leader who is committed to life long learning. He is a graduate of Indiana Bible College (Associates of Arts, Theology), Albertus Magnus College (Bachelors of Science, Business Administration), and Eastern Connecticut State University (Masters of Science, Organizational Management). He has served on the Connecticut District Board of the United Pentecostal Church International for the past 13 years, as our Pastor for the past 23 years, and in pulpit ministry for 31 years. A mentor to many in ministry, his favorite mentoring activity is coaching our youth Bible quizzing teams. He enjoys serving a variety of entrepreneurs and businesses as a consultant, sunny days on a golf course, adventures with Alyssa, and weekly dates with his Love.

    Senior Pastor shared our 2019 theme "Enlarge" as an encouragement and promise from the Lord. All seven churches addressed in Revelation 2,3 were told to Enlarge/Increase in a way that is still a Word from the Lord for His Church today:

    1. Ephesus (2:5) Enlarge works, back to what you first did.
    2. Smyrna (2:10) Enlarge your faith even in suffering, not your fear.
    3. Pergamos (2:14) Enlarge/Increase your purity.
    4. Thyatira (2:23) Enlarge/Increase doctrinal purity.
    5. Sardis (3:3) Enlarge your hearing and holding fast.
    6. Philadelphia (3:8) Walk through open doors of Enlarged opportunity & access.
    7. Laodicea (3:16) Enlarge/Increase temperature .

    Every promise of God requires an action of obedience on the part of a believer. He called us to be Action heroes! We continue the believer’s legacy of the doctrines, declarations and demonstrations described in the book of Acts. There are promises yet to be obtained; as we Enlarge by doing our part we know God will Enlarge in ways only He can! The Petoskeys & our Church Family look forward to welcoming you to The Pentecostals!

  • Dr. Indira Petoskey - Executive Pastor

    Dr. Indira Petoskey - Executive Pastor

    Dr. Indira Petoskey is the first lady and executive pastor of The Pentecostals of Greater Hartford. She also teaches the Hyphen Sunday School class. A native of St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands, she came to Connecticut in 2002 following four years of service at Indiana Bible College and Calvary Tabernacle in Indianapolis, Indiana.

    She holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Higher Educational Administration and a Master of Science degree in Technology Education from the University of Southern Mississippi. She has undergraduate degrees in Business Education, English Education and Theology. Presently she is the Assistant Dean in the Office of Continuing Studies and Enhanced Learning at Eastern Connecticut State University, an adjunct faculty member at Capital Community College, an instructor for Wilson University in Elk Grove, California, and a member of the Board of Directors for Urshan Graduate School of Theology and Urshan College in St. Louis, Missouri. Dr. Petoskey has worked in higher education for the past 21 years in a variety of capacities, including as a professor, student development specialist, dean of distance learning, computer lab director, coordinator of the Intercultural center, director of student support collaborative and intercultural affairs, and as vice president of student affairs and institutional research/development.

    Dr. Petoskey is very involved in her local community where she mentors high school and college age students. She serves as a Commissioner on the Hartford Commission of Refugees and Immigrant Affairs. And alongside her husband, she is the foster mom to two adult daughters who have given them six granddaughters. Her care for the spiritual well being of her church family and others, her direct approach, clear teaching, and anointed preaching are trademarks of her leadership at the Pentecostals of Greater Hartford.

    Dr. Petoskey loves to read and go on long walks, but her favorite past time is to go on family dates with her best friend and number one husband in the world, Reverend Jon W. Petoskey, and their beautiful daughter, Alyssa Rose Petoskey.

  • Ben Castro

    Ben Castro

    Ben Castro came to the United States at the age of twelve from Humana, Puerto Rico. He was raised and grew up in a traditional Catholic home. He is a graduate of Hartford Public High School and pursued further vocational training at a trade school. As he grew older with a wondering heart he began to read and study the Bible more and more. His searching led him to a nondenominational church where he attended for nine years and was a Bible Institute student. During his years attending there he served in a variety of roles, including musician, board member, usher, and youth helper. Ben married his lovely wife, Evelyn, in 1974 and they were blessed with two wonderful sons, Benjamin and David. God has also blessed them with a beautiful granddaughter, Mellenia.

    In 1999, a friend invited Ben and Evelyn to a service at The Pentecostals. The church family here at The Pentecostals quickly became their spiritual family. He was baptized by immersion in the name of Jesus and soon after received the gift of the Holy Ghost. That experience transformed his life! As he has grown in Christ he has served The Pentecostals in a variety of capacities. Ben and Evelyn together coordinated the Singles Ministry for several years, he has also served as an Usher, the Head Usher, and musician. Currently, he is on our pastoral staff and a musician. He responded to God's call into the ministry in 2004 under our Senior Pastor's leadership. He has clearly felt for several years a calling to minister to the Hispanic community of greater Hartford. Los Pentecostales holds a weekly Celebration services at 11:00 am every Sunday and offers home bible study meetings during the week.

  • John Cadasse

    John Cadasse Jr.

    John Cadasse Jr., a native of St. Croix, VI, was baptized in Jesus Name and received the Baptism of the Holy Ghost as a boy. He moved to Florida as a teenager with his Aunt and Uncle. In Tallahassee, John graduated from Florida A & M University with a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice. While working with the U.S. Border Patrol Agency in Texas, John felt a call from God in 2009. Sensing this different direction from God, John moved to Connecticut where his sister, Dr. Indira Petoskey, lived. John was refilled with the Holy Ghost in August 2009. God blessed his life with Wildine Nathan, whom he married after her graduation from ECSU, they were joined in holy matrimony in June 2010. God has blessed their marriage with two daughters, Indira and Elizabeth. John serves on the Pastoral ministry team, the Financial and Church Board, and as the Treasurer of The Pentecostals. He and his wife continue to serve the Lord with a burning passion and desire for the Lord to use them in any capacity. They have a made up mind to see their Jesus someday!


  • Aaron Thompson

    Aaron Thompson

    A/V Coordinator
  • Patricia Edwards

    Patricia Edwards

    Ladies Ministry Coordinator
  • Madeline Nieves

    Madeline Nieves

    Church Secretary
  • Katiya Thompson

    Katiya Thompson

    Youth Leader
  • Zakiya Davis

    Zakiya Nieves

    Worship Team Director